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Knowledge base


All of your contact persons and organizations. Get a quick overview of their current

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Important information!

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Create and manage your pipelines. Get a closer look at your existing deals to create,

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Frequently asked questions

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First Steps

An overview of Samdock. How to set up your Samdock account, integrate with your email

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Inbox / API / Forms / Requests

Your email and shared email. All the requests you've received through inbound sources

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All of your leads waiting to be prospected and qualified.

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Set your personal preferences, like personal data, calendar and email integration, no

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Subscriptions and billing

Manage your current subscriptions, edit your billing information, and finalize paymen

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Team collaboration

How to manage and collaborate with your team.

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Contact Import

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E-Mail / Logging

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All about our integrations with Google, Zapier, Lexoffice, MS Office 365, Outlook, an

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GDPR and legal

Get all the documents you need to comply with the GDPR regulation across the European

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Payment & Billing

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