Sync your calendar

In this tutorial you'll learn how to sync your Google calendar and email to Samdock.

Check out the tutorials below if you have a different provider:

  • Outlook
  • Apple
  • MS Office 365

NOTE: when you sync your calendar, we'll also integrate and sync your email connected to it. The reason why is that whenever you create a meeting in Samdock, we need permission to send emails on your behalf with the meeting details to all the guests.

Sync Google calendar to Samdock

From the Home Dashboard, scroll down and look for the calendar block and click on Connect your calendar.

Now in the Settings screen, click again on Connect calendar.

Enter the email account you'd like to sync and click on Sign in.

Now you'll have to login with Google and enter the email you'd like to sync.

Enter your password and click on Next.

Give Google the permissions to connect your email account with Samdock and click Continue.

Success! Your appointments will be automatically synced to your Home screen in Samdock.

☝ While it's possible to create appointments in Samdock that will sync to your Google calendar, it's not possible to edit them in Samdock. We're working hard to make this possible but, for the moment, if you need to edit, please do so from your Google Calendar.

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