Inbound sources

In this tutorial, we'll show what Inbound sources in Company inbox are and how to make the most of them for your business.

From the Inbox section, click on Company Inbox in the menu.

In this section, you'll find the requests and communications coming from inbound sources. These can be:

  • Samdock's forms: the native form builder you can embed on your website to receive requests and messages
  • Samdock's custom API: the native solution to connect with other apps to API and receive the requests and communications directly in Samdock
  • Third-party integrations: from apps like Zapier or email management providers

Why connect Samdock with inbound sources?

The purpose of using a CRM like Samdock is to manage all your business opportunities from one place to save resources and to optimize the customer journey. In other words, you use Samdock to improve your selling opportunities.

An efficient CRM is one that saves you money, time, and effort, and that's why having a robust system that reduces manual work is paramount. Why? Because of all the time you waste by manually managing leads, you can invest it in closing those leads and actually executing the work.

Integrating Samdock with other tools will save you time and effort because it automates work that you'd have to do manually otherwise.

Having the results of a contact form land directly on Samdock. Having emails and messages get automatically logged in your contact's history, where you can also check the status of the funnel they're in. Phone calling a contact directly from Samdock without going back and forth dialling the number in your mobile.

All of these actions would take you plenty of time if done manually. By connecting them with Samdock, they can be done with the click of a button.

Below we give you some use cases that you can try to make work with Samdock faster and easier.

15 ideas to work faster by combining Samdock with third-party integrations


A solution for accounting and invoices for small businesses, by integrating with Lexoffice you can send proposals and invoices to your customers with just a click from Samdock.

Third-party phone

Integrate a virtual phone with Samdock and forget about dialing. Call your leads and customers with a simple click from the Contact detail page, whether they're organizations or persons.


Zapier is a no-code tool that connects applications with each other without coding like you would with an API. It follows an if/then logic that can be used with the +400 apps that they have available to connect with Samdock. Here we give you some useful examples.


Connect your website's forms to Samdock and receive the requests directly in the Inbox.

Email marketing

Receive requests from your email campaigns from the largest email marketing providers. Add leads that need a bit more of warming up to your campaigns.


Send the leads you get from communities to Samdock and start moving them through your funnels. Start following your leads on social media with just a click.

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