In this tutorial, you'll learn what are Leads in Samdock, get an overview of the Leads section and learn how to navigate the different sub-sections. 


☝ Leads are individuals or organizations with an interest in what you're selling. They're contacts with the potential to become customers.

In Samdock, they can come directly from the Inbox through your forms or API integration once you validate them, or they can be manually created by you or your teammates.

Next to the title of this section, you'll find the total number of leads that you currently have.

New lead

Manually add a new lead.

  1. Go to the right upper corner of the screen
  2. Click on New Lead to manually add a lead

Complete with all the data you have about the lead, including:

  • Nature of the contact: if it's an individual person (eg. Marie Olson), or an organization (eg. Comic Inc.)
  • Optional title: this is an internal title for your team to easily identify the lead
  • Tasks: add tasks you need to perform to move that lead into the following stage of your pipeline.
  • Qualify your lead: you can choose to qualify your lead now or later, depending on the information available to you.


In this section, you'll find all the leads that came from the forms or the API.

This is where you'll qualify leads with the BANT method of qualification.

To do so, click on the contact you wish to qualify and fill in the qualification parameters.

PRO TIP: if you happen to complete all the qualification parameters, Samdock will automatically move your lead from Prospecting state to Qualified state.


In this section, you'll find all your qualified leads.

As we mentioned before, Samdock will automatically move your leads to Prospecting state to Qualified state if all the qualification parameters are filled in.

But even if you don't have all the parameters completed, you can still manually drag and drop any contact from Prospecting to Qualified.


At any given time, you can manually move your leads onto your pipelines in the right section of the screen by dragging and dropping them.

Ideally, you'll want to follow the normal order of prospecting, qualifying, and then moving the lead to the pipeline.

However, there might be some times when the prospecting and the qualification happen at the same time. For these cases, know that Samdock will allow you to manually move any lead to the pipeline, at any given time.

Having all the qualification parameters completed to move a lead to the pipelines is desirable, but not requested.

Archive or delete a lead

  1. Click on the contact you wish to edit
  2. Once the full information of the lead is displayed, click on the 3 dots on the upper right side
  3. Click on Archive lead to archive
  4. Click on Delete to eliminate the lead. Note that this action can't be undone

View your archived leads

To visualize your archived leads, click on the View Archive button next to New Lead.

Sorting leads

You can sort your leads by oldest or newest by clicking on the Sort by button and selecting between these two choices.

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