Lead qualification

In this article, you'll learn how to qualify a lead in Samdock with the BANT method of qualification.

In order to spend as little time and effort as possible on unpromising prospects, qualify them to have enough information about the prospects' chances for success. Ideally, only the deals that have a real chance of being won will end up on your deal board.

Samdock makes sure that all the important information is already available when qualifying your prospects using the BANT method.

☝ The BANT method was invented by IBM in the 1950s to qualify leads in their chance to buy. It stands for Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline.


In Samdock we call the Requirements, and they answer the question "What challenges does the customer need a solution for?". Think about your leads' needs and the problems they want to solve.


The timeline refers to how soon could the lead convert and buy from you. When would the lead like to have a solution using your services or products?

In here, you can choose to include a specific date or a relative one, with the options latest or earliest.

PRO TIP: always prioritize those leads that are more likely to become customers in the near future.


Oftentimes, your contact person won't be the one making the final decision. Because of this, Samdock lets you indicate the Decision maker, the one making the final decision, and the Budget owner, the one that will approve the money invested in your product or service.


If the lead's budget doesn't match your prices, it will probably be more difficult to close a deal with them.

To help you evaluate that, in this section, you'll register:

  • Yes: in here, you already know their budget. You'll also get the option to log the exact value
  • No: the lead expressed they don't have a specific budget for your product or services
  • Not yet: the lead is still determining the budget. You have the option to log when that number will be available, and an estimate. When you choose Not yet as an option, the lead will be left as Upcoming and will be placed at the bottom of the Lead list.

NOTE: the only currency available at the moment is Euros (€), but new currencies are coming up very soon. Suggest yours in our Roadmap.

Convert a qualified lead into a deal

If all four parameters of qualification have been completed, Samdock will automatically set the lead as qualified and will relocate it under the Qualified section.

But in case you haven't completed one or more parameters, you still have the option to manually turn it into a deal by dragging and dropping it into your pipeline.

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