Contact detail page: Organization

In this tutorial, you'll get an overview of the Contact detail page for Organizations. The Contact detail page is where you'll store all the data regarding your contacts, whether they're persons or organizations.

You can create a contact in many different instances of Samdock: from the Dashboard, from the Leads section, from Contact views, and many more. However, when creating a contact, you'll only be required to enter basic information such as name, surname, email, and phone.

From the contact detail page you'll be able to:

  • Edit more detailed contact information
  • View information regarding the different touchpoints where that contact was involved (deals, related contacts, sales stage)
  • View the contact's activity throughout their entire lifecycle
  • View scheduled appointments and ongoing tasks related to that contact

How to go to the Contact detail page

From the Contacts section, click on any contact you'd like to view or edit.

Basic information

Here you'll find the general information on the organization:

  • Logo
  • Name of the organization
  • Whether they're a customer or a non-customer
  • Address
  • Email

Primary contact

Here you'll find the primary contact person that answers for the organization, normally a decision-maker.

Contact fields

Here you'll see extended data on the organization, such as:

  • Locations
  • Website
  • Phone number
  • Main office
  • Custom fields that you and your team consider important to add


In this section you'll get a snapshot to the organization's deal status:

  • Deal metrics
  • Related contacts
  • Open potential
  • Closed deals

Deal metrics

They indicate the overall results with all deals related to this organization.

Related contacts

All the persons in your contacts related to this organization.

Open potential

The open potential is a combination or all open deals and all open leads related to this organization. It indicates the active potential of closing opportunities with this organization.

Closed deals

They show you the information related to previous deals related to this organization, whether they were won or lost.


In this section you'll find find the historic touchpoints you have with the organization.

In the first part, you'll find a box to manually log notes and attach files, calls, and meetings.

In the second part, you'll find your activity history, formatted as a chat: all dialogue bubbles on the left belong to the organization, and all bubbles on the right are yours or your team's.


In this section you'll easily find any files that you've exchanged with the organization in any of your touchpoints, and you'll be able to add files that are relevant to you but haven't been shared with them.

NOTE: currently, the storage limit for files is 10GB.


In this section you'll get to log the different branches of this organization, that are different from their headquarters.

Upcoming appointments & Tasks

In this section you'll find all your upcoming appointments that are retrieved from two different sources:

  • Manual logs: meetings that you can manually add with the ➕ button in the upper right corner
  • Calendar sync: appointments that belong to your calendar that are retrieved to Samdock when you sync your calendar

Also, you'll have the Tasks related to this organization.

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