In Samdock you can log important emails and email histories in the activity stream of the respective contact. In this article we will show you how to store outgoing emails in Samdock.
For outgoing emails, visit our article on logging incoming emails.

To log outgoing emails in Samdock, you need to forward them to an account-specific forward address.

⚠ Bcc stands for "blind carbon copy". Samdock uses this to assign the email to the correct account. The regular recipient cannot see whether and to whom a BCC email was sent.

Here's how:

When you click on the email icon within Samdock, your default email program will automatically open and the email you are about to write will be automatically documented. You don't have to do anything else.

If you do not trigger the email from Samdock, follow these steps:

1. Open the settings and click on "Email Logging".

2. Copy BCC email address

You will now find two different email addresses. Copy the BCC email address under "BCC outgoing emails to" to your clipboard.

3. Add BCC to email before sending it

Now write your email and paste the email address you just copied into the BCC field of the recipients. When you send the e-mail, it will automatically be logged in the activity stream of your contact.
Please note that the e-mail recipient must have been created as a contact with his or her address in Samdock beforehand.

⚠ Important: In order to successfully log an email the e-mail address you send from must be whitelisted in your Samdock account. Your account email is automatically whitelisted, any additional email addresses must be added manually. Read more about this in our article about Whitelisting email addresses.